5 Tips to boos your Site SEO

5 Tips to BOOST your SEO rank

social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Use Social media to Boos your SEO Rank

Increase your SEO rank by using Social Media. By social media I don't mean facebook and twitter only, Here I am talking about all major social media networks, like Google+, Linkedin, and Instagram, etc.  Sharing your site contents on social media will not only increase your Site rank in search engine result but will also give you valuable backlinks from highly ranked websites that can also improve your SEO rank.

Secure your site using SSL Https://

Securing your site with SSL certificate can also help you to increase SEO rank. Your site data will be secured and safe and protected from all kind of hackers once you switch to SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) HTTPS://. Google and all other search engines will always prefer HTTPS Url over a non-HTTPS Url if you have good quality content. It will also give your clients a peace of mind that their information is safe and secured. In old days SSL was very costly and unaffordable for many small websites and business. However, nowadays it is free. Letsencrypt.org plays a huge role in providing free SSL to all websites. Check our link to get a  Free SSL Certificate for your website.

Fix any Broken Link

Broken links on your website can seriously damage SEO rank of your pages. If your website has too many broken links it will be very hard to be in top results. There are many SEO tools to find and fix broken links on your site. www.brokenlinkcheck.com is a Free tool available to test your site for broken links. It is very easy to use, just enter your website name and it will automatically crawl all your pages and links to find broken links. or If you have access to Google Analytics (you should get it if you don't, it's free), it's easy to identify broken links on your site. Log in to the search console and use the Intelligence search tool to bring up Crawl Errors. You will see a list of dead URLs on your site.

Mobile Friendly Site

Make sure your website is responsive and mobile friendly. It's 2018, so your site should already be built on a mobile flex template anyway, but regardless, you can make sure your site in mobile friendly by increasing font size, by compressing images, or by installing an AMP plugin if you're running on an open source platform like WordPress or Wix. Roughly 60 percent of users are coming in from a mobile device and that number is only going to continue to increase.

Make Site load faster

There is nothing worse than a slow website. If a site doesn't load in a few seconds or less, I'm not going to stay – and I'm willing to bet that you wouldn't either. Check your load times with any of the free speed test sites. I like gtmetrix.com. Make sure you remove unwanted clutter, unused plugins and anything else that's bogging down your speed.

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