why your Facebook ads aren’t working

Are your Facebook Ads producing mediocre results? Here some reasons that your Facebook ads aren't working.

Clicks on Facebook are very expensive. Don’t waste your money by putting your ads in front of people who might-could-maybe care.

There are two parts to targeting correctly: really targeting on a micro level, and then creating relevant offers and content for that level. Next time when you run a Facebook Ad, try targeting by interest or life event. Match your copy and creative to that very specific interest or life event. Then, you can be sure that only prospective customers will be clicking and watching your ad.

You’re not cross-referencing Facebook’s numbers

We’ve all heard the story. A beauty company decides to run some Facebook Ads, then loses $600,000 because there were a lot of fake Likes and click counts that didn’t make any sense.

No, okay, it’s not that common. But a story like this still illustrates why you need to use third-party verification when you’re running an ad.

When using Facebook Ads:

  • Drive fans to a specific landing page where you can record conversational events.
  • Use UTM Parameters.
  • independently of both Google and Facebook analytics.
  • If you’re on WordPress, use the Jetpack plugin or the Stats page and to see how much traffic Facebook is referring to your site.
  • Use marketing automation systems like Marketo to create forms and Salesforce drivers to identify where people are coming from and easily reach peoples.

You haven’t tried retargeting

Retargeting is a common tactic among search marketers who want to make sure that they’re serving ads to people who are already familiar with the brand. By adding a tracking pixel to the website, you can make sure that your display ads are served to visitors. You can do the same thing on Facebook ads. If you use retargeting on Facebook, you can make sure your ads are seen by website visitors. By connecting the two experiences, you’re targeting people who are already familiar with your brand and your product, so there’s a higher chance for conversion with the peoples who are familiar with your brand which you advertise.

Making ads that people want to see

Countless companies are pushing ads across multiple channels, trying to target potential customers. That’s also why so many Facebook Ads are ineffective — Facebook users are exhausted and often scroll right through ads without giving them a second glance.

By creating micro-targeted messages, your Facebook Ads can stand out from the crowd, and you won’t pay as much per click. This is the way, your Facebook Ads will finally work because they’ll be ads that people actually want to see.

Your Audience Targeting

Audience selection on Facebook is pretty much the opposite of AdWords – when selecting keywords and topics in AdWords, your audience largely self-selects.

Optimize for lowest Cost Per Click, and test a few different audiences to start with.

Moving one step down the funnel brings you to the lead generation phase. And here’s where custom audiences start to come into play.

Assuming you’re not selling some $10 widget, people are going to need a few different reminders and messages in a few different channels prior to buying. At least 6-8 ‘touches’ on the low end.

Your Ad Creative

Let’s be honest with each other for a second: Facebook ads aren't always super creative. And sometimes that’s just fine – and a much simple and direct headline featuring the bottom-of-the-funnel keyphrase can work well!

Assuming you’ve made it this far (which is no small feat), nailing your Facebook ad creative is still important.

Some advertisers manage to screw up every single piece here.

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